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Welcome to Our Summer 2021 Zman!

Welcome to Areyvut!

We are excited to announce our Summer Zman session at AJELC! Our Tuesday and Thursday Daily Programs will begin this week on Tuesday, May 25th 2021, ending in the last week of August 2021.

We have many fun activities and classes to join for all ages! Please see our Bookings page and Calendar for a list of what we are currently offering.

Morning minyanim will be made possible with the engagement of caregivers actively being involved and attending! We encourage Caregivers to be involved, because our children are empowered

from our positive role modeling.

We have many service providers excited to offer their services throughout the summer and will post more services shortly! If families are interested in any particular activity or service please feel free to reach out!

We have sponsorship and donation opportunities so please inquire by emailing

If there are any families willing to volunteer their time or services please contact to schedule!

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