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Areyvut is a nonprofit organization that provides a shared co-learning environment comprised of three distinct areas: 

1. An agricultural space for families to explore nature, Jewish practices, and other interests.

2. Academic support for religious Jewish and secular classes. 

3. A place for parental empowerment  and cultivating a communal support system. 

What makes Areyvut unique is that we are not a school, but a Jewish co-learning and community center. We serve South Florida families in Davie, Florida. Our program is designed to remove the stress of traditional schooling while encouraging educational and religious growth.

Areyvut is a place for K-12 students to co-learn, whether they are registered in a private or public school, homeschooled, hybrid or virtual school model. At Areyvut, children learn, explore, innovate and socialize in a diverse and nurturing and enriching Orthodox Jewish learning environment. Areyvut is especially helpful for children who are not in a regular classroom setting but are more interest based, entrepreneurial-minded, and want to help shape their own educational and career goals.

We help families succeed academically by finding what works for them. Our options include full-time tutor instruction and providers that counsel and structure curriculars both individually and as a group. With our new indoor learning center and anticipated expansion plans, we feel incredibly blessed to provide this safe place for families who need help cultivating their children’s education in an alternative setting. 

Areyvut provides options for families to access affordable education and support within the Jewish community. We help kids learn to self start by encouraging them to take initiative and follow through with their studies. This has a chain effect and often inspires other kids to take an interest in their education as well. We seek to provide a foundation for kids to explore their Jewish identity. While we provide solid overall knowledge, we are also guided by what they’re interested in.


While adult supervision is required for all participants under 18, parents can benefit from our strong parent support network. We provide an option for parents to remotely co-work in a shared indoor space on site.  

We also ensure that our campus is allergy conscious by avoiding the most common allergens and a few more avoidable ingredients to keep our kids safe. 



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